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Detect Automatically

Moderating user generated content can be overwhelming. Take advantage of a classification system trained on various kinds of online communication, from short messages to longer posts, ready to deal with a variety of noisy text data.

Deploy and Scale Easily

Deployment is as easy as generating an access key and integrating a piece of code into your application. You find examples for various programming languages in the Documentation. The service scales automatically according your needs.

Know Your Data is Safe

We follow a Zero Data Retention Policy. Your data never touches a server harddisk and is protected by hardened connection security. All services are hosted on dedicated infrastructure and operated from a secure datacenter in Austria.


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    per request

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    First 100 API requests per month are free.
  • Custom


    Data Curation
    AI Training
    Product Integrations
    Data Annotation
    AI Research
    On-Premise Solutions

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